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Altidore trash talks England’s Beckham — USA Soccer Stud

altidorex-large-300x340-1U.S. forward Jozy Altidore walks with a swagger. “I saw Becks there and I had to go over and tell him what is going to happen in South Africa,” Altidore told Yahoo! Sports. “I was having fun and talking a bit of trash and made sure he knows how it’s going to be without him playing – USA 3, England 0.”

All joking aside, Altidore said U.S. Soccer could benefit from added confidence going into the World Cup. “When you look at American sports like basketball and football the one thing you notice is the confidence,” he said. “Guys like Kobe (Bryant) have that total belief in themselves that they are going to make the shot, win the game, get the job done, no questions asked.

“That is the kind of mentality that we want to have. It is not arrogance; it is about trusting yourself and your abilities.”

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