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British to call every World Cup soccer game… in America — USA Soccer Stud


For Americas who tune in to this summer’s World Cup on ESPN and ABC, they’ll be greeted with foreign accents. Four of them. British to be exact. And that’s not a good thing, says NY Time’s columnist Jack Bell.

Will it be soccer or football? Pitch or field? Will players wear kits and boots or uniforms and cleats? Stop me before I have an aneurysm.

As for me, I like a good British accent, especially one that’s more informed than an American soccer commenter that tries too hard. But I really think ESPN/ABC should have used one Martin Tyler (pictured) for play-by-play, with a fresh American voice for color commentary. Then have Dan Fowler, who does awesome work for ESPN Tennis, host a half-time show with Andy Gray and another American commenter to fill in the gaps. Done and done.

Ah, well. Too late now.

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