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ESPN Magazine’s World Cup Guide is money ($10) well spent — USA Soccer Stud


ESPN Magazine this week sent me their nifty 2010 World Cup Guide for consideration. It must have worked, ’cause here I am talking about it.

Printed on much-thicker paper stock than any magazine I’ve ever held, the 110 page special issue features analysis of all 32 teams, stories on the rise of American and African soccer, and the secret of goalkeeping. My favorite reads were the inside look at World Cup refs, the contradictory predictions feature, and the scouting report of all the teams—something I plan to keep nearby (like a live event program) while watching less familiar teams this summer.

I was so impressed with the thing, that I gifted one to my brother. (Although I question the guide’s prediction that Beasley will start for the U.S.). In any case, you can score a copy for $10 at newsstands or $15 even online.

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