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Sloppy U.S. defense concedes 4 goals in loss to Czechs — USA Soccer Stud

Tonight’s exhibition game against the Czech Republic looked like a soccer match. It played like a soccer match. But it wasn’t.

In reality, the loss served more as an incubator for fringe starters and players on the bubble than a legitimately contested match. But it also underscored the impact of continued injuries plaguing the starting U.S. squad, namely the lackluster play of Oguchi Onyewu.

That said, here’s what I learned from the match:

  1. Clarence Goodson should start for team USA. He’s not perfect, particularly on the ground, but he’s scrappy, and plays like a young kid with a chip on his shoulder. At this point, I think he should start alongside Boca and Spector for sure, with the remaining spot still up for grabs.
  2. Onyewu isn’t match fit, nor do I expect him to be for at lest another couple of weeks. As if we didn’t need him already. I’m at a loss at who else should start, although DeMerrit seems to be the popular choice, even though he’s lacking in skill.
  3. Jonathon Bornstein should be cut from the team. He was and still is a huge liability on defense.
  4. Hercules Gomez deserves playing time as a forward. So does Ching. But I’m still not convinced either should start alongside Altidore, so my hope remains in this formation.
  5. Jose Torres is as worthy sub, but not a starter. Not sure if Edu should start now either, despite his cleanup goal, although I originally thought he should.
  6. Stuart Holden should start at midfield opposite of Donovan.

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