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These are the 32 nations that qualified for the 2010 World Cup — USA Soccer Stud

Behold, these are the 32 teams that will compete for the World Cup next summer in South Africa, from June 11 to July 11.

Country How it qualified Total appearances (best finish) Last time
22px-flag_of_algeria-svg_-1 Algeria Won CAF Group C Three (group stage) 1986
22px-flag_of_argentina-svg_ Argentina Fourth in CONMEBOL 15 (Won in ’78, ’86) 2006
22px-flag_of_australia-svg_-1 Australia Won AFC Group A Two (Round of 16) 2006
22px-flag_of_brazil-svg_ Brazil CONMEBOL champ 19 (Won five times) 2006
22px-flag_of_cameroon-svg_ Cameroon Won CAF Group A Six (quarterfinals) 2002
22px-flag_of_chile-svg_ Chile CONMEBOL runners-up Eight (3rd) 1998
22px-flag_of_denmark-svg_-1 Denmark Won UEFA Group 1 Four (quarterfinals) 2002
22px-flag_of_england-svg_-1 England Won UEFA group 6 13 (Won in ’66) 2006
22px-flag_of_france-svg_-1 France UEFA playoff winner 13 (Won in ’98) 2006
22px-flag_of_germany-svg_-1 Germany Won UEFA Group 4 17* (Won 3 times) 2006
22px-flag_of_ghana-svg_-1 Ghana Won CAF Group D Two (Round of 16) 2006
22px-flag_of_greece-svg_-1 Greece UEFA playoff winner Two (group stage) 1994
22px-flag_of_honduras-svg_ Honduras Third in CONCACAF Two (group stage) 1982
22px-flag_of_italy-svg_-1 Italy Won UEFA Group 8 17 (Won 4 times) 2006
22px-flag_of_cote_d27ivoire-svg_ Ivory Coast Won CAF Group E Two (Group stage) 2006
22px-flag_of_japan-svg_ Japan AFC group runner-up Four (Round of 16) 2006
22px-flag_of_mexico-svg_-1 Mexico CONCACAF runners-up 14 (quarterfinals) 2006
22px-flag_of_the_netherlands-svg_-1 Netherlands Won UEFA Group 9 Nine (2nd, twice) 2006
22px-flag_of_new_zealand-svg_-1 New Zealand AFC/OFC playoff winnner Two (group stage) 1982
22px-flag_of_nigeria-svg_-1 Nigeria Won CAF Group B Four (Round of 16 ) 2002
22px-flag_of_north_korea-svg_-1 North Korea AFC Group Brunner-up Two (quarterfinals) 1966
22px-flag_of_paraguay-svg_ Paraguay Third in CONMEBOL Eight (Round of 16) 2006
22px-flag_of_portugal-svg_-1 Portugal UEFA playoff winner Five (3rd) 2006
22px-flag_of_serbia-svg_ Serbia Won UEFA Group 7 11^ (4th) 2006
22px-flag_of_slovakia-svg_-1 Slovakia Won UEFA Group 3 Nine+ (2nd) 1990
22px-flag_of_slovenia-svg_-1 Slovenia UEFA playoff winner Two (group stage) 2002
22px-flag_of_south_africa-svg_ South Africa Automatic as host Three (Group stage) 2002
22px-flag_of_south_korea-svg_ South Korea Won AFC Group B Eight (4th) 2006
22px-flag_of_spain-svg_ Spain Won UEFA Group 5 13 (4th) 2006
20px-flag_of_switzerland-svg_ Switzerland Won UEFA Group 2 Nine (quarterfinals) 2006
22px-flag_of_the_united_states-svg_-1 USA CONCACAF champs Nine (3rd) 2006
22px-flag_of_uruguay-svg_ Uruguay CONCACAF/CONMENBOL playoff winner 11 (Won in ’30, ’50) 2002

Who do you think will win? Only six months until we find out!

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