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Top 5 reasons Bradley was resigned — USA Soccer Stud


According to the fine folks at Soccer America, here’s a summary of why the not-so-fan-favorite Bob Bradley was resigned as U.S. head coach through 2014:

  1. His coaching victory over no. 1 ranked Spain in 2009 trumps his World Cup loss to Ghana.
  2. US Soccer is more worried about landing the 2022 World Cup right now than coaching the national team.
  3. US Soccer would rather enter next year’s 2011 Gold Cup with coaching stability (which Bradley has) than coaching uncertainty (which a new coach might have had).
  4. Since “they’re loaded,” US Soccer could buy out Bradley’s contract before the 2014 World Cup, provided he’s not motivating his team.
  5. Bradley isn’t the real problem, a lack of player talent is.

With exception to three and four, these are reasonable excuses. And I don’t pin all the blame on Bradley. But as I’ve said before, a fresh coaching perspective, despite the outgoing coach’s talent, is often all it takes to get more out of your current talent pool (i.e. advance to either the quarterfinals or semi finals in 2014).

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