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USA vs Algeria: Win and advance. Tie and get lucky. Lose and go home. — USA Soccer Stud


With one game remaining, the United States have exactly three ways to advance to the second round of the World Cup—only one of which is sure fire:

  1. Best-case scenario: Beat Algeria any way you can. 1-0. 2-1. 5-3. Doesn’t matter. If the yanks win, they’re through with five points.
  2. With a little help from friends scenario: Draw against Algeria, hope that Slovenia beats an embattled English team. If that happened, the U.S. would qualify second after Slovenia in the group to then face group D winners.
  3. Worst-case scenario: Draw against Algeria, Slovenia ties England. If that happens, the U.S. would be stuck in a tiebreak procedure with England for second place, the last resort of which includes drawing lots (!).

Of course, if we lose to Algeria, we’ll rightfully be sent home. Go USA!

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