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Want primo USA tickets to the World Cup? You’ll need to sign up for this $50 fan club — USA Soccer Stud

image3-300x339-2The US Soccer Federation has announced plans for fans hoping to see team USA at the World Cup in the best seats possible. In order to ensure “priority” status, fans are required to become a member of the official U.S. Soccer Supporters Club for $50 annually. Says U.S. Soccer:

Beginning later this month, all registered U.S. Soccer SC members will be sent a request to submit pre-application data to U.S. Soccer. By completing this process, fans notify U.S. Soccer of their interest in FIFA World Cup tickets and provide the information that U.S. Soccer will in turn submit to FIFA for the online ticket application. A valid passport is required for each person who requests tickets.

Once U.S. Soccer SC members have submitted their personal data to U.S. Soccer, they will be provided instructions and a link to FIFA’s online ticket application process. The FIFA online form will be available for fans to complete from Dec. 6, 2009, until Jan. 13, 2010. Requests for tickets will be handled on an equal-chance basis rather than first-come, first-served.

This isn’t the only way to buy team USA tickets, rather, it’s a chance for U.S. Soccer to skim a little off the top in exchange for offering “priority” application status for U.S. fans. Once qulification of all 32 World Cup teams have been finalized, specific match and team tickets can be purchased at, ranging in price from $80 to $900, depending on the game.

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