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What’s the biggest USA soccer upset? — USA Soccer Stud

image-300x200-2According to collective Washington Post readers, U.S. over England in the 1950 World Cup tops them all. That result certainly garnered the most international publicity, I’m told, so it’s easy to see why it won.

In second place, readers chose U.S. over No. 1 ranked Spain during this year’s FIFA Confederations Cup, a warm up tournament held before the World Cup. I saw that match, and while thrilling, it wasn’t as exciting as USA over Portugal at the 2002 World Cup, which readers ranked as the third biggest upset in U.S. history.

Other upsets mentioned included U.S. wins over Brazil in 1998, Columbia at the 1994 World Cup, Argentina in 1995, and Germany in 1999. What would you vote as the biggest U.S. soccer upset?

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